Characteristics that reflect the professionalism of the website

Written by Azza Hawash

Characteristics that reflect the professionalism of the website

The website and the virtual domain have become a market that knows no borders or obstacles. And an opportunity for companies and entrepreneurs who dream of bringing their work to other continents and international countries. With the number of websites multiplying continuously, you must pay attention to distinguishing your website with a number of characteristics:

  • The website should have a special, easy domain that expresses the content of the business and distinguishes the company.
  • User-Friendly easy to read and purposeful site.
  • Browsable on any screen or device Responsive.
  • The language of the site is the language of the target audience of the site.
  • It has a good layout and division into tabs and sections.
  • The design must be attractive, and distinctive. Its image takes into account the specifics of the target audience.
  • It contains a tab that talks about the company and its business.
  • It should be available in other languages, at least English.
  • Includes chat or box to communicate with support teams.
  • It contains safety standards and certificates.
  • The home page contains an introductory video.
  • Includes a link to subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Includes products or services under a separate tab visible on the home page.
  • The website’s colors reflect the visual identity of the brand.
  • It includes a tab leading to the blog if it exists.
  • It contains buttons leading to the company’s social media accounts.
  • One of the specifications of a successful website is that it displays testimonials of people’s sayings about the company’s services.
  • It talks about the company’s website with its branches, address, ways to communicate with it, and phone numbers.
  • The site contains a Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • It is distinctive to set up a special place for complaints, where the dissatisfied customer sends his complaint directly through a special channel.

Website design steps

There are two ways you can create a professional website. The first option is to use a builder, a platform designed to make it easy for anyone to build one, even without prior experience or technical skills.

The second way is to use WordPress. This may take more work, but it’s still a lot easier if you’re tech-savvy, and it gives you more flexibility. You can also find a company that specializes in professional web design, which will add many unique ideas to you and benefit from its previous experience in creating many websites.

Option 1: Use a website builder

Builder is a special tool that makes creating a website a breeze. Website builders are powerful but require no coding knowledge or technical skills, making them easy for beginners and useful for professionals.

It’s an intuitive interface and flexible features mean you can use our website builder to build a website that looks great in a matter of hours – or even minutes. Most website builders are affordable, and many offer free plans or free trials, so you can get started without paying anything.

Builders come with pre-designed templates that define the layout, design, and colors of your website. All you have to do is choose a template and add your content and images.

Different website builders offer different ways to create and edit your website. All you have to do is choose a service, add your own content and images, and customize it with your own branding.

Depending on our website builder, you will have access to different ways to create and edit your website. Personally, I prefer drag-and-drop editing, because it gives me more control over the design while keeping the process as simple as possible. You can place different elements wherever you want, or add new ones by simply dragging them into place.

Some website builders offer a range of applications to choose from. This is an easy way to add functionality and features to your website or integrate with another service. You can add an email list, appointment booking system, chat box, or anything else you can imagine, usually at no additional cost.

While there are a lot of builders out there, the quality varies greatly. My favorite builder is Wix, because it offers hundreds of templates and great flexibility, with plenty of free (and paid) apps.

Option 2: Use WordPress

Website builders are definitely the easiest way to get a website, but they can be a bit more expensive than using WordPress with your web hosting package. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option and don’t mind a more technical build process, then WordPress might be the perfect choice for you.

Now, there are two versions of WordPress:, which is the simplified version, and the self-hosted version of WordPress.

WordPress isn’t as simple to use as a website builder, but it’s easy to get started with. Its huge collection of free templates and plugins gives you nearly unlimited options. Although the process seems a bit more complicated. You don’t need any coding knowledge or a lot of experience to build a great-looking one with WordPress.

It is reported that the WordPress interface is available in the Arabic language, which means that you will be able to create yours easily.


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