How to benefit from Artificial Intelligence in E-marketing

Written by Azza Hawash

How to benefit from Artificial Intelligence in e-marketing

Artificial intelligence has become one of the essential tools in E-marketing. It revolutionized the e-marketing industry, and its use is no longer limited to large companies only. But even small companies and projects are using it.

AI Marketing allows marketers to collect and analyze massive amounts of data from social networks, emails, and the web in rapid time. You can use the results of these analyses to enhance the performance of their marketing campaigns and improve the return on investment (ROI).

76% of consumers say they expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. Artificial intelligence can help marketers accurately understand their target audience. So they can create a personalized experience for customers and users.

The most important ways to benefit from artificial intelligence in e-marketing


Chatbots are computer programs developed to interact with customers online, answering their questions, providing support, and helping them complete purchases. It can also be integrated into websites and social media pages.

Chatbots enhance interaction with the brand and help improve customer experience by providing them with support around the clock, and these bots can deal with many customers at the same time. Many companies have become dependent on chatbots to provide support to their customers, due to their low cost. And the beautiful thing is, in many cases, customers don’t realize they’re talking to a computer program.

The Role of artificial intelligence in enhancing targeted Advertising

Using cookie data and browsing history, AI can target ads to customers based on criteria such as geographic area, age, gender, and more. You can notice this clearly in Google, have you ever noticed that if you were searching for something on Google, and then you went to YouTube? The ads that appear to you in it will often have to do with the things you were searching for on Google or the topics you were reading. Google has been able to employ artificial intelligence techniques in marketing. By analyzing your activity on the network and search history. Then direct you to ads that match your needs and interests.

Artificial intelligence and A/B tests

It is a marketing technique based on comparing two versions of a page on a site to determine which version responds best to customers and visitors. Which version has the highest conversion rate, That is a complex process. You need to analyze a lot of data, and to do that manually takes a lot of time. AI-based tools can help you run A/B tests and analyze results faster and more efficiently than a human.

Data analysis

Data analysis is one of the most important applications of artificial intelligence in e-marketing. There is no place for improvisation in today’s world, all your marketing decisions should be based on data. There is a wealth of customer data that AI programs can analyze and use the results to craft attractive and effective marketing messages.

Artificial intelligence techniques can be used to analyze data with speed and accuracy beyond human capacity. There are systems for analyzing market fluctuations, predicting general trends, and analyzing customer behavior. You as a marketer should make the most of this technology. It uses its superior ability to analyze data to understand your customers and build your marketing strategies and campaigns.

Understanding customers with AI marketing

Artificial intelligence can be used in digital marketing. As it helps marketers know what consumers are saying about their brand in real-time. There are social media monitoring tools that analyze what people on social networks say about your brand.

Whereas, artificial intelligence programs have the ability to determine whether your brand is mentioned in praise, slander, or in a neutral way. Based on this information, marketers can adjust and craft their marketing messages for maximum effectiveness.

A social Mention is an AI tool that crawls multiple social networks looking for any mention of your brand name or name. This tool will give you a report on how often a brand is mentioned, and whether the mention is positive, negative, or neutral.

Recommendation and personalization of content

Content curation is one of the best examples of AI marketing. E-commerce websites, blogs, and many social networks use artificial intelligence to analyze the web activities of their visitors. And provide suggestions and recommendations for products and content that are appropriate for them to increase conversion rates and spend more time on their sites.

Marketers are always on the lookout for new ways to connect with customers. They want customers to spend as much time as possible on their sites or apps. And here comes the benefit of artificial intelligence, as it provides the visitor and the user with content or products and services that are compatible with his interests and needs. This is based on the user’s activities on the Internet. The topics he searches for, the sites he visits, and the areas that interest him.

The best example of this is e-commerce websites, especially Amazon. Which recommends and suggests products to visitors based on what they were searching for, or products they have purchased before. According to Mckinsey, 35% of Amazon’s (e-commerce site) revenue comes from its recommendation engine.

Dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing (commonly referred to as personalized pricing) is a pricing strategy where the price is set according to demand, product inventory, and customer profile. Artificial intelligence programs can analyze your profile through the use of cookies, visit history, searches, and other digital activities. Accordingly, product prices will be determined dynamically. Examples of using dynamic pricing are hotel booking sites. where prices go down and up dynamically based on room fill rates, the tourist season, previous reservations, and customer history.


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