5 questions to define your business identity

Written by Azza Hawash

your business identity

5 questions to define your business identity

Creating your business identity is important and essential in your marketing and promotional activities. Without the right brand identity that expresses the essence of your brand, demonstrates its originality, and distinguishes it from competitors, your marketing efforts will not have valuable returns.

A good business identity serves as a badge of identification for your project, and a representative of the quality and efficiency that distinguishes it from other projects in the same field. Evidence of the presence of your project in the market and raise its value and raise its status in the eyes of the public.

Define your own unique business identity ideas

In order to really know what steps to take with regards to branding, you must first have a clear view of who you are. Or rather, what is your business and your brand. Consider these questions:

What does your brand identity do – and why?

Paradoxically, the answer to this question seems clearer at first and then becomes more confusing over time. There is no need to focus on what your brand used to do or what it will do. Try to write the answers that come to your mind.

Also – why do you do everything you do? Is it a long-term or short-term goal? Was it for revenue or for brand perception and presence? What is the initial plan once you have started?

For whom is this?

Have you defined your demographics yet? Who are your customers? Are they the right customers for your business? Also – where are they? What are their habits and what do they like?

Try to determine if your message and your values ​​are reaching the right people and what you can do to attract them.

What problem do you solve for people?

BE Branded President Tony Fannin said a brand isn’t selling a product – it’s selling an idea or value. An idea can be defined as values ​​shared by your audience, these ideas and values ​​meet people’s needs.

What do your products or services do to help people? Do they solve a real problem? Have you thought about approaching the market from the point of view of solving these problems?

What does your brand identity represent?

Answering the above may bring you closer to the answer to this question. One of the main tips for increasing brand awareness for any organization is to represent your values.

When you plan your next step as a company, try to make it align with your brand ethos. Ask yourself if it aligns with your values ​​and beliefs. Knowing exactly what you stand for and sticking to it will shape not only your decisions but the way your brand conducts its business.

Where should my brand/business go?

Remembering why your business exists and what drove it in the first place should lead to another discovery – where your business and brand should be in the future.

This can be anything from owning offices all over the world to becoming an influential force in your field. Everything is going well – as long as you remember that long-term goals like this act as a driving force for short-term goals, and vice versa.

So when you’re faced with a short-term decision, you can always look up your main goal and ask if what you’re doing right now serves that purpose. Think larger!


At least, if you answered these questions, making your business identity easier, you can also read this article. Since there are so many branding strategies to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your business. The best way to determine the right branding strategy is to understand what branding is and to define your right brand identity.

Once you learn how to make yourself a brand and take advantage of branding strategies, you will be well on your way to earning your customers’ brand loyalty.


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